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Welcome to Pramfit

PramFit Online

We have live classes delivered through Zoom and at your fingertips online programming and tracking through our App Train Heroic.

Monday 10:00 am - PramFit Live
Tuesday 10:00 am - Yoga Flow
Wednesday 10:00 am - PramFit Live
Thursday 10:00am - Yoga Flow
Friday 10:00am - PramFit Live
Sunday 7:00pm - Yoga Chill


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2020, it's your year! It is the year of the strong mum here at Pramfit. 


Your family has grown and you may be feeling a little bit out of it and even though the future is so exciting with the growth of your family this is no time to forget about yourself! 


Worry not! That's exactly where we come in! 


Our job and our passion is helping mums feel the best version of themselves.


With over 7 years prenatal and postnatal coaching experience and over 230 mums using us in that time. We know a lot about training women with, or expecting babies to find out more click here on and request a call back from our head coach and owner Fred Hudson. Our mission is to make fitness for mums fun, and make you strong.

You can also download our E-Books on Rehab,,Home Workouts and Post-Natal Training life.