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Come and give us a try...

Why the trial?


The trial exist to make sure you can experience everything we have to offer without any risk to you.


We know it’s scary, we know not may not be the right time, baby is a really unpredictable little thing. Between sleepless nights, teething and in-laws you have a lot going on. 


So it’s really important to us that you get to see if it works.



We want to put you at ease, allow you to have fun and start rebuilding your body after birth. So we aim to master the basics and have a lot of fun doing so. 


The trail allows you to get involved with our community and meet likeminded mums in a very similar situation.


So give us a go or drop us a message. 

The 30-Day Trial. Just come down and try all our sessions for 30 days, no strings... and it's just £14.99

If you dont like it, thats fine, but we know you'll love it. 

How long are the sessions?

50 minutes - so that you can easily be in and out within an hour.

Where & When?

Monday 0930 - 1030 & 1100 - 1200

Tuesday 0930 - 1030 & 1100 - 1200

Wednesday 0930 - 1030 & 1100 - 1200

Thursday 0930 - 1030 & 1100 - 1200

Friday 0930 - 1030 & 1100 - 1200

Unit 17c

Forrest Park 

Malton Road

Yo32 9TN