Meet our Mums

We all know that mums are incredible, where would we be without them?! And we are so lucky at PramFit to have so many marvellous mums. 


Our PramFit mums are just like you, they run busy, full lives which often leave them little time for themselves but they have taken their fitness seriously not only for themsleves but to stay healthy for their young families. 


Our mums are an inspiration to us all. Read their stories and see how you could take the first steps to fitness with PramFit, who knows maybe other mums will be reading about you here soon... 

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Hope you enjoy you're pramfit journey and the lovely supportive network you get with it. After thoroughly enjoying my 7 months of pramfit and meeting some lovely's my last few weeks with my monkey before i go back to work.  Thanks to Fred and all the mums I've met it's been amazing! I'll definitely miss it 


Jen on her Pramfit journey 


I enjoy pramfit because it doesn’t feel like you go easy on us just because we are mums! You make sure we are doing the exercises correctly and encourage us as we go along. 


Each week the exercises are different so we don’t get chance to become complacent. 

You also manage to remember everybody’s name! You try to make pramfit a community not just an exercise class.


Hannah on why she exercises with Pramfit.

We really enjoy getting out to Pramfit, I get an hour to get some fitness in and meet some other mummy’s whilst Izzy gets to watch and interact with the other babies. Fred is a fantastic knowledgeable coach who keeps it fun but pushes you at the same time.  It’s the best class I have joined whilst on mat leave and it’s nice to almost have my body back and to feel stronger and moving better than I was before pregnancy!



I love pramfit as it has help me start to feel like 'me' again. It's pitched at just the right level but Fred knows when to encourage you to push yourself just a bit more. It's fun and a great way to meet other mums.  No-one cares if your baby cries or needs a feed or nappy change. Its the perfect way for new mums to get some excercise in with the company of their baby.



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