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Before I had Casper time was my own. To do what I wanted and when I wanted. If I wanted to slob on the sofa and do nothing I could, if I wanted to go for a run I could. Now I have to think of Casper first.

I ate a lot while I was pregnant for me it was the only time I was allowed to be fat! So when I gave birth I had given myself a larger challenge from the start!!

Trying to do exercise with a little one changes month to month as your child changes and develops and so does the times you get to do the actual exercise!

I signed up to PramFit as soon as I got the go ahead from the docs (I had a c-section) so I knew I would have a minimum of one hour a week...start slow!

I continued to do PramFit for over a year but doing additional exercise took time and effort to do and fit in.

I walk everywhere, I'm lucky I live in York city centre and Casper has never hated the pram so I can walk miles some days!

Having a two year old life isn't relaxing - we are constantly on the move. I always try and consciously do little work outs and hold my core like playing horsey or row row row your boat!! Hold that core!!

Now being back at work finding the energy to do exercise has been harder but I found a 15 min programme that I can do daily so I put Casper to sleep and put the dinner on, while its cooking I can do my work out and then eat and relax!!

Once a week I have a personal training session with Fred,which is great as it gives me time out of the house (on my own) and shows me new ways of exercising.

As the weather is nicer (kinda) at the mo I also have an exercise bike outside which I try to use when we are playing in the back yard however Casper loves to get involved too so I usually end up cycling with him on my knee or holding on to my back!!!

I don't diet I believe it's all about moderation!! I like Dominos pizza so I could see my life without it! So we have a balanced diet with the occasional treat! The biggest thing I've changed is my breakfasts. Gone are the coco pops and I now have eggs or fruit or something healthier!!

It's hard sometimes with a little one to do exercise and eat well but taking a second to really think about you and your goals really means you can do it!!

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