Keep It simple.

Wednesday! means todays content is nutrition. Going to start with the basics we have a lot of new mums this year, so we want to help you all get on the same page. We all know a good diet is going to help you and baby, so it helps to keep it simple.

Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates, they come in many forms, professionally and personally we suggest keep it to single ingredients if you can. (every one deserves a treat so go for it)

But…. A chicken breast is just chicken and a apple is just an apple. of course make your stocks and sauces but always try keep your ingredient list to as little as possible and reduce the ingredients that sound like they were made in a lab (not all but you get the picture) don’t get me wrong i still eat dominos and take-aways, my mum for sure did.

While in pregnancy increase your intake by around 300 calories (this is not an exact science but increase it).

While breast feeding increase by around 500 calories, again not an exact science but you are feeding for baby who is getting bigger and stronger everyday and in the early stages sleeping for about 18 hours a day! Go off how you feel and your own appetite and stay hydrated…easier said than done right?

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