4 Tips to get Healthier

1. Don’t over eat on food that makes you fat.

Being adults you can sometimes let this rule slip. But what I’m gonna say may seem a bit harsh but its got to be said.

You wouldn’t let your children eat crap that makes the fat and unhealthy? so why let yourself do the same?

2. Eat food from good sources.

The fresher the better, single source ingredients are always best but we get it you’ve got a family to feed and nappies to change. Look for the best option. Meats, fish, grains, veg and fruit.

3. Preparation for Training and Food (Easier said then done with a little one or multiple little ones)

Now i don’t have children but i do run two businesses (one being Compellos Gym with my business partner and the other is this) and i have a 7 month old boxer puppy. Its paramount that i plan my time effectively otherwise nothing would get done.

So i Prep my food 3/4 days in advance, that way i know its there and ready so i don’t reach for junk food. i plan when I’m gong to train and prep food. If you plan for anything plan for your success.

4. Set Goals

You need a Goal. Say i want to lose 3 kilos in 4 weeks total do able so long as you are following the goals set above. it is that easy!

Fred & the Pramfit Team.

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