Preparation of foodz.

During yesterdays class i asked what do we eat and literally everyone laughed and the common theme i got (even if i asked so soon after we just gorged ourselves on easter egg) was that we don’t eat enough or have time or have an appetite…basically the usual themed post natal woes of baby getting in the way.

Well preparation is the best thing you can do in the now hectic domain which is your life… well preparation and well the best you can do at time management! *gasps!

What i do is allocate 2 hours a week to do food prep (in my case Sundays and Wednesdays) , so that when i get home after a crappy day at work or I’m literally just having a really busy day. i don’t have to stress about cooking. it is just there in a Tupperware tub for me to throw in the microwave and consume, EASY!!! Lets face it how many hours have we spent over a stove when we can not be bothered and even in that case how many times have you thought to yourself i just won’t eat or maybe ill just get a takeaway.

I’m telling you ladies! maybe even make your man do it, get in the kitchen and prep you food for the week.

you’ll thank me for it.


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