Fitness, Family life and Frustrations!

So…….. Where do I start? Well I guess at the beginning. I use to train 4 or 5 days a week and I mean really train. Not go to the gym and go on the cross trainer for 20 minutes I mean 45-50 minute intense workouts with either a group of friends I made at the gym or with Fred who has now been my Personal trainer for nearly 3 years.

Then things began to change. I found out I was pregnant which was fine to start with – it was training as usual. Then gradually I was not able to do so much. The weights began to get lighter and the intensity was reduced. At 38 weeks pregnant I called it a day with training (at least until my baby was born!). I thought it would be really easy to get back in to training as I was going to be on maternity leave and I would have loads of time right? WRONG!!!

My first set back was due to having an emergency C section with my daughter. This was frustrating for someone who is active and independent. 6 weeks of doing nothing equaled HELL to me! Once I had the all clear from the doctor that I could do some light physical activity I called Fred straight away to organise my first session back. It was interesting to say the least. I wasn’t anywhere near as fit as I was, my daughter would often want feeding mid-session and I still couldn’t lift anything too heavy. However, I did still enjoy it which was what really mattered.

After a few more sessions and once I felt back on my feet I joined Pramfit. This allowed me to train and not take up any of my evenings. It got me out with the baby and I met some other lovely mums too. Gradually I was becoming fitter and stronger again. Training was back in my life all be it a little less intense than I previously had been doing. Netball season had also started and my old team welcomed me back for a few matches one evening a week.

Life began to get busier with all these commitments and it is not just me who wanted to exercise – my husband is a big fan of weight lifting as well as a little high intensity training too. Training was something we used to do together but it became obvious very quickly that that wasn’t a possibility anymore. So we set up a synced calendar on our phone. We would take the gym sessions in the evenings in turn and the other one would put the baby to bed. That allowed both of us to train and not resent each other for being out in the evening – it is a fair and reasonable method!

I also found that I had put on weight during pregnancy and a short time after. It’s bound to happen and I was always conscious of it. However, for me the training through pregnancy definitely helped control it. My stomach wasn’t as flat as it once was and my legs weren’t as toned. Things were going in the right direction with the exercise but my diet needed to be looked at too. Luckily I knew what I should be eating due to my previous fitness experience. So I started to order online at Morrisons and get it delivered. That way there was no temptation while I was walking around the shop and I could meal plan exactly what I needed.

I am so lucky to have a husband who understands my need to train and supports me in a healthy lifestyle. We make it work for us. We still see each other in the evening after the gym and we always try and eat together. Both of us are happy and sleep well after we train and our life is a well-oiled machine now thanks to the phone calendar! Occasionally we also get to train together which is always a BONUS!

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