Sit ups don't make the fat go.

As much as that would be awesome there is no such thing as an exercise that reduces fat from one part of the body.

We get a lot of comments to see if we can do more abs to attack our tummy fat or can we do more back exercises to get rid of our back fat.

Unfortunately exercise doesn't work this way. Well it does but not as strict as that.

Exercise cost your body energy, sure your muscles will get tired. But let's look a little deeper. For example let's say we target your abs and hold a plank. They will experience fatigue, they will become sore but this doesn't mean a fast reduction in body fat in that area of the body. There are no short simply need to be expending more calories than you are puttting in with a balanced sustainable diet.

Then your whole body will begin to see a reduction in body fat and those shapes and curves will return.

Avoid mainstream fad dieting.... excuse my french but its bloody plague in health and fitness industry and often leaves people, women especially in worst position with behaviours towards food than when they started. Our exercise is there to help you expend more energy and also strengthen your body after the birth of your baby.

If you have question about food ask the professionals, we are the professional, The stars from made in Chelsea, towie or real housewives are not or even whomever else is trying to make a quick quid in health fitness industry isn't.


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