2020 - The Year of the Strong Mum.

In truth every day, week, month and year is the time of the strong mum, the strong women.

We are saying strong as not to be massive, or bulky. We use the word strong to represent the mindset and effort that our mums put into being the best version of themselves.

Pregnancy can leave new mums feeling like they are starting from zero, both physically and mentally.

Which is why we place so much empathise on the strong body and strong mindset.

Pramfit has a lot of experience with both.

We are an expert, pre and postnatal service. Strengthening mum bodies and supporting them in their individual fitness and rehab needs is what we do and we are very good at it!

We had no idea what a community of mums would for each other. Shared experiences, new friendships, all the support and the laughs.

Pramfit has become a safe place for mums.

But as always don’t take our word for it.

See what our mums have to say. (See the photos)

If you want to get in touch and chat about what we do then please follow this link and we will get back to you! https://www.pramfityork.co.uk/contact-us