Back Friendly Exercises!

The exercises and equipments we use at Pramfit are specially selected to keep your back and body as safe as it can possible be.

The body postpartum is weakened and unstable and it’s our job to rehab it, get your moving correctly and creating the right amount of tension in the right places at the right time. We keep you safe, to build strength and to keep you pain free.

You see some conventional exercises and variations of movements and their pattens can cause pain.

For example

- We swap our Traditional Squats for Box Squats because the hip and glutes need to get stronger.

- We swap conventional deadlifts out for Hex Bar and safe hinge variations.

- Glutes Bridges / Hip Thrusts in there many varieties. - Lots and lots and lots and core work.

- No sit ups because that can make the Ab separation worse!

Still unsure! Come on down and trial us!