Mums want theirs abs back. Pramfit will help make them strong first.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding what the core actually is.

But to put the matter the rest it is everything south of the shoulders and north of the knees.

The core allows us to creates stability, strength and force.

Muscle like the glutes, hip flexors, ql's, obliques & lats are responsible for stability and strength within the body. Dysfunction and weakness in these areas creates instability and can lead to pain. a strong body is paramount for everyone but especially a pre or postpartum women.

As we mention every week the core after pregnancy is a very weakened and unstable.

So what should you do about it?

Well first you need to make sure you are ready to begin. Get the sign off from your GP and make sure your headspace is ready.

So these are the types of movements you’ll need to do to help build a stronger core for a stronger body.

These movements are directly targeting your bodies ability to stay stable, so they do focus more on the abs and obliques.

Anti Extension - Limiting the extension of the Spine, exercise like the banded dead bug, leg lowers and overhead slam balls. Even planking requires anti extension.

(*pictured Banded Deadbug)

Anti-Rotation - limiting or resisting the rotation of the exercise. Pallof press in their many forms, Planking with movement thrown in there.

(*pictured Palloff Press)

Anti-Lateral Flexion or as I like to call it the walking plank. Resisting the body need to flex

laterally. Perform siding planks or any carries or single leg/arm work would be considered in this category. Even Holding a baby. Classic example is leaning to one side.

(*pictured Alex holding her little one, avoid leaning to one side)

if in doubt get in touch about starting your 30 day trail with us! You won't regret it!