Nutrition & Why We Don't Push It

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

We test movement and performance

We don’t really test body composition or fat loss at pramfit, If you loose which you most likely will then we celebrate it and we will celebrate it!


The variables in your life just are not inconsistent, baby may have a sleep regression, baby my go through a really bad spell of separation anxiety, get conjunctivitis, poo on the carpet 3 minutes before you set off too class or you may get a health visitor check.

Hopefully you see my point.

Your ability to plan good nutrition, eat enough and even get the required sleep is just too at risk. It would make for a very very unhappy mum who kept yo-yoing in weight and body comp because we placed such pressure on that being out main objective.

Post-natal coaches in our opinion should not be placing too much empathise on fat-loss and body composition.

Here’s some thing to focus on instead.

Your Mood.

Your Strengh

Your Movement

The lack of pain / discomfort you are in.

Of course we deliver the basics about nutrition but you will never be put under any pressure to lose.

However on our Pramfit - Back to work session we do start to push nutrition. Because here you can start to build a routine and start to focus on you more.

If you want to see the amazing effects of pre & postnatal exercising then get in touch and stat your 30 - Day Trial.

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