We want to you to know exactly what we are about, exactly how good we are and exactly how much we are. 

We know Mat leave is not the most financially friendly period of your life and we do our best to reflect that. 

Our 30-Day Trial exists so you can see if we are right for you.  It is just £19.99


Come to 1 Session a week for £29.99 per Month. (£7.50 per session)


Come to 2 sessions a week for £40 per Month (£5 per session)

Come to 3 sessions a week for £54.99 per month (£4.50 per session)

* Disclaimer don't put pressure on yourself to attend all sessions. You have the worlds biggest sleep deterrent with you at all times. 

We don't do contracts either, there is no commitment to sign up after the 30-day trial, but if you do and want to leave just drop us a 30 day notice, the next payment will be your last.

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