What we do!

Birth can be very tough on the body, thats why we have our Pramfit group sessions.  These session allow us to work more closely to your needs! As well as helping you move better, feel better and losing fat, these sessions are really good fun!

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What do we do at Pramfit?

In groups of 8/10 mums we work on your personal postnatal journey. Pregnancy can really be a big trauma on the body placing huge stress on certain areas like the hips and back and weakening other areas.. Group training allows us to strengthen mums, build in the rehab process while making mums stronger, fitter, more flexible than they have been. Pain and ache free.

We follow a structured programme that focuses on strength, rehab, fat loss and good movement. session last about 50 minutes to 1 hour. 


We make fitness more enjoyable, we are hands on with baby and you will be expertly coached by our professional and experienced coaches. 


Who are PramFit Group Training Sessions for?

All Mums and every mum., no matter your goal or level of fitness. You need to get stronger after pregnancy.

MONDAY        09:30am & 110:0am 

TUESDAY         09:30am & 1030am

WEDNESDAY     09:30am & 1100am

THURSDAY       09:30am & 1030am

FRIDAY          09:30am & 110:0am

Saturday        0945am

Going Back To Work?

We have extra slots for Mums who have returned to work or mums who want extra sessions. 

They look like this.

Monday         06:00am, 07:00am, 1400pm & 18:00pm

Tuesday         12:00pm 

Wednesday     06:00am, 07:00am, 1400pm & 18:00pm

Friday          06:00am & 07:00am

Saturday        0945am 

There is a £10/15 price increase per month for these sessions based off your desired attendance.


Children are welcome. Well maybe leave the children for the early morning.


Unit 17c, Forest Park, Malton Rd, York YO32 9TN

There is plenty of free parking on site.


We know you will love these sessions,

so do our Mums - hear their stories