Your Baby, Your Fitness and combining the two.

I get how hard it is two find anytime to wash your hair let alone to do any exercise day to day. But what if there was a way you could combine baby into your fitness pattern? thats great right? by no means are they on the same scale but its how incorporate my puppy into my life style.

I go on dog walk to listen to fitness podcast, relax my mind (after a long day) and in extreme circumstance run. i make the walk work for me as will as Reggie.

Im going to explain two exercise you can do while entertaining the little tinker if they are being a little unsettled.

First up is the Baby Deadbug...pictured below. by me & Ava... not perfectly but you get it details below.

Get in to the position as picture above. Now squeeze your back tight to the floor and your belly button to and try just breathing in and out. then slow push your leg out until straight and control it back in. Remember the control.

Next up is the Baby leg lower, exactly the same this one but your leg start straight up in the air and slowly lower them individual to the floor and back, any discomfort in the lower back and simple just stop and regress to the dead bug. Baby leg lowers as pictured below by Clare & Erin.

Try 3 sets of 10 reps on each leg with a 60 to 90 second rest between each set.

Fred Hudson

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