Diet don't rule you!

Make your diet work around you, not you working around your diet.

sounds easier said than done!

but the truth is this needs to be the case, a big reason as to why people fail is because they live and die by the latest diet they are trying.. you know sticking to boring foods, not eating carbs for a week or not allowing themselves any treats or alcohol or just not eating enough full stop (i had a beer before i wrote this and its 1701 on Friday)

Look if you restrict yourself foods, i can say with confidence most will last maybe tops a week or two and then give up. Because simply the diet you are on is boring, it isn’t tasty or you are just too hungry.

Now how do we make the diet work around us. heres 5 tips.

  1. Time Management - Really important.. again easier in theory especially being a new mum. But this is really important for preparing meals. Not just 1 meal but in Bulk.

  1. A balanced approach to food, Protein (meats & fish), Carbs (rice, pastas, grains, potatos, veg, fruit) and Fats (found in meats, diary, nuts, avocados). all of these will have the vitamins, minerals etc in them.

  2. Don’t eliminate a food sources.

  3. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself just don’t over eat or drink.