"I hate diets...I just love food and wine to much"

When I found out I was pregnant with Harriet I was already in the mind set of eating well and training daily following my strict regime for my wedding. When my wedding day came I was over the moon, I had reached my goals and was the fittest, slimest and healthiest I had been since my 20s!!! This gave me the motivation to continue the training and obviously the healthy eating for myself and now of course Harriet, 7 months in I got to a point I had enough and just wanted to chill and eat CAKE and I mean I had CAKE most days, I was pregnant and thought what the hell!!

Once Harriet had arrived and following a few months recovery (I had to have a C section) I was totally fed up about my figure, fitness levels.. I know I had just had a baby but I was tired just walking up the stairs and felt so unfit and I was pretty massive!!! (the picture below was the 3 Months after post pregnancy MASSIVE) So it was time to get back on it, I had my honey moon and wedding pictures around my house, on the fridge, in the bedroom, bathroom for a reminder of what I could achieve.

I hate diets and struggle to do them, I just love food and wine to much. Before coming a mummy I was in Hotel Sales and did a lot of entertaining so food and drink was a big part of my working week, I find CLEAN Eating works for me and an over all balanced diet with the odd treat (we only live once) So at 3 months post pregnancy I started my Clean Eating plan and joined PramFit along with back to back classes every weekend at the gym, Spinning, Kettle Bells, Body Pump and Body Attack, etc.

I did this until I reached my goal and our first family holiday was a great incentive.

I struggle to train as much these days, life gets busier after those maternity months and with my husband away all week with work my evenings are very much house bound, however I have found a gym with a daily creche and this fits around my work commitments.

Thursday evening training is like a Girls Night, Me time, feeling like Melissa and not mummy, knowing I am meeting my friends makes me want to get out even when I am shattered and would rather sit on the sofa with CAKE!!

Melissa Christie

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