Be adventurous with your food!

As I have written previously, Meal prepping is an amazing tool when it comes to keeping a check on what you are eating and making life that little bit easier on a busy day and helping to hit you’re goals. However, it is nice to mix things up a little, sometimes mixing flavours up a bit can make all the difference to enjoying your food.

Yes food is fuel but we don’t want it to be boring or just become a habit, we should be enjoying flavours etc.

After a really good session at the gym the other evening I decided to go home, relax and enjoy something a bit different for tea.

I stuck to my target and stayed within my macro’s but went away from the grilled chicken and broccoli etc.

This meal was really easy to cook and tasted so nice and light.

Grilled Tuna Steak, boiled eggs, roasted beetroot and peppers, asparagus and pineapple slices.

A great post workout meal!!

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