Lets stay hydrated!

Being told to drink more water can be quite daunting, I would grab a cup of coffee or a soft drink while sat at my desk and then wonder why i was feeling so tired. Hydration is key!

Being dehydrated can affect both general health and how well you exercise. You will feel tired quicker and wont be able to control your temperature as well as usual. Water has so many benefits for us from aiding weightless, skin been healthier, helping us become more active etc.

What i now do while at work is fill a 1.5ltr bottle with water and place it on my desk with a glass, i find it a lot easier than having to get up to refill my glass constantly and i am able to see in front of me how much i have drank and if i need to drink more before my work day is over, this helps me regulate my intake and keep on track! Give it a go

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