What motivates you

Something triggered this change, to give you the get up and go feeling, to start or restart the fitness journey.

Whatever this might be try to keep that in mind when working out.

Mid burpee….out of breath……a bit sweaty……..why am I doing this?

Take a second and think you know what, I got this!!

Yes it feels like it is kicking my arse at times but I’m doing this for a reason, for myself, for my wellbeing, my child…….

I’m not saying you won’t have self-doubt, this is natural. I constantly have to focus on my goals and re-adjust my mindset. It can be difficult at times to find the drive and motivation to exercise but remember why you started.

When you put your mind to it you are unstoppable.

Every Pramfit class we can see the effort and hard work you are putting in and it makes us proud and love our job even more. You're all doing awesome.

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