The Postnatal Back.

Back pain has become a common pain for a lot of mums. I’m going to tell you why this happens and make it as simple as i can.

Lets say before falling pregnant your posture was fairly good as not to complicate things. So as baby grows you are starting to carry more and more extra weight, not just baby but all the water and extra weight than comes with pregnancy (water, placenta, fat), so all in all its not just the pounds of the baby that adds up, its the pounds of the whole experience. this weight is largely centred to the middle of your body and at at front too.

Now picture two straight lines (3cms apart) one represents the back (left) and one represents the abdominals (right), now the line that is the abdominals is going to round (i.e your baby bump)… what happens to the other line? it will bend and round to make it easier to deal with the load that is your bump. Our back connects to our glutes and then to the hamstrings, the latter two become lengthened and tight and that combination along with the stress of baby on the abdominals which is already weakened, results in our back being over worked (as it will try to adjust and compensate for the weakened abdominals) THE END PRODUCT POSTNATAL IS BACK PAIN.

Now I’m gonna cut to the chase here, you can look online and there is a lot of emphasise on yoga, walking, sitting up straight and bending with your knees to pick up loads (its an insufficient response in my personal opinion, Yoga can help but only so much as it does place great point on being supple but again my personal opinion).

What needs to happen is this.

You need to be STRONGER, your Hamstrings, Glutes, Core and Upper back needs to work better so you back doesn't overwork.

You need to UNLOCK your hips, quads and thoracic & lumbar (back)

You do this through exercise and load baring.

Keep reading these blogs as they will be followed up with exercise to help stretch and strengthen.