The good old stretch.

That stretch first thing in the morning is golden right? removing this little restrictions you have to get a bit more freedom, in a word.. heavenly.

So let me explain what stretching and foam rolling actually does.

You are susceptible to your postural and the environments you put it in. Foam rolling and stretching helps adhesions, scar tissue and muscle lengthen allowing you to move the way you are suppose to… pain and restriction free (next time you are in a class notice how i move… you may be thinking i make to look easy but i tell you this it wouldn’t be easy if i had restrictions and pain)

Just like everyone who has teeth should brush them, everyone who has muscle (and everyone does in fact have muscle) should stretch and roll them.

only difference is muscle stretching and rolling can be painful but like a lot in the fitness industry…. no pain, no gain.

Anyway below are some of the simple and cheap equipment you’ll need to help un-tighten areas of your body.

Foam Roller - no more than £10 from TK Max or Sports Direct

Hockey / Lacrosse Ball - £1.99 from Sports Direct

These are life time lasting pieces of equipment and not have an expiry date.

Every other day for the next few weeks myself and Becca will be posting simple but effective stretches to help you loosen up with your body weight and the kit listed above.

below is a link to a stretch to help unlock the hip flexors.

Fred & The Pramfit Team.