September Free Workouts

So for this week's workout all you will need is yourself.

Really simple find yourself a small 5/10 meter space and do as follows...

• 10m Burpee to bunny hop

• 12 Jumping Lunges

• 10m Burpee to Bunny Hop

• 10 Press ups

1* minute rest,

Repeat 4 times.

After this we have a ladder

Pick 2 of these 4 exercise and complete each exercise from 10 to 1 (10 reps then, 9 then, 8,7,6...,3,2,1) times as fast as you can.

• Squat jumps

• Leg Raise (partial especially if recovering from a c-section)

• Press ups

• Hip Taps (plank on hands)