Posture, we know whats happening.

We know that during pregnancy your posture just goes completely out of whack, muscles weaken and become tight. So in our classes we focus on fixing this problems while giving you the best workout possible.

> Glutes

> Abdominals

> Hamstrings

> Trapezius & Rhomboid (just shrug and pinch the shoulder blades together… thats them)

While these are muscles that weaken (they can become tight too), there are muscle that tighten, become over active and can sometimes cause use pain (lower back for example)

> Lower Back

> Quadricpes & hip flexors

> Pectorals & Deltoids (Chest and Shoulders)

We spend great deal of time teaching correct technique and form , dynamic stretching while using equipment such as kettlebells, bands and our latest introduction of medicine balls.

So stay tuned for some postural correction exercises that you can use at home.

Fred Hudson.

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