I can't eat this, I can't eat that.

Now I’ve trained plenty of women and I’ve seen the traits and the tell tale signs, "i don't eat this because of so and so (insert myth or fear)" or "isn't that bad for you (insert food)"

4 yeas in this industry with many more to come, id like to think i know what I'm talking about.

There is no point tip toeing around it so ill say it.... A lot of women are very easy freighted about eating certain foods and even by the amount of foods they are eating. Many either over eat (unknowingly) or under eat out of fear of getting fat and becoming overweight.

Im just going to say right now, forgot what the scales say. If you are happy and feel great keep doing what you are doing!


It could be something a friend has said, something a family member has said. it could be Tv, celeb nonsense or the latest fad diet which has you on 1000kcals makes people develop silly behaviours towards food. If the information you are getting is not from professionals then its from idiots (no offence to them or you) who have no real idea whats their information is doing to peoples mindset its creating fear mongering and poor relationships with food.

Don't act on it till you have either tested and got worthwhile, healthy sustainable results or asked a professional i down mean a GP i mean a real coach.

Check out Ben Comber, Rachel Anna Hobbs, Lucy Swell or even Rachel Godfrey (the latter three, females coaches, fantastic relationship with food, quashing the crap out of bad food info and training hard)


You can eat whatever you want… hahah yeah right! no seriously you can just don’t over eat on the poor choice foods.

Eating 1100 kcals a day is not going to bring you closer to the body of your dreams, cutting out an entire food group is not either and nor is not eating enough protein.

Eat when you are hungry (just eat decent food), drink plenty of water. Have the occasional treat or glass of wine.

If you want to understand more talk to a professional.

a real coach, someone who has served for a long time in this industry they are plenty out there.

if you were to message any of those coaches they will reply (may take some time but they will... or better still speak to us)

Get in touch we can help!

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