Welcome to Fred's Workout Lab

This is the first of my weekly PramFit workouts. So whether you missed the class, you want a taste of what to expect, or you want to get in an extra session check out my Workout Lab often for more challenging workouts.

For this session all you need is a chair (make sure its stable and safe), two tins of veg, a clock with a second hand or a kitchen timer and a good attitude.

Part A

A1: Steps ups (onto your chair) x 12 reps per leg

A2: Squat Jumps x 15

Repeat 5 times. 60 seconds rest in between sets

Part B

B1: Press ups (either full or on knees) x15

B2: High Plank Hold for 40secs

B3: Lateral Raise (with tins) x20

Repeat 3 times. 60 seconds rest in between sets

Nearly Done! Part C

C1: Sprint for 30 seconds rest 60sec repeat 8 times

Well done. I hope you enjoyed that. Great work!

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